Saturday, July 19, 2014

Starting from me.

One day will come when we will realize that while we remained sitting in the train, everyone walked ahead of us. We thought we were learning, but we really didn't. We thought we were teaching, but what did we gain?
One day will come when we finally will realize that all this time we pointed fingers without realizing and forgot to look at the mirror ourselves.
One day will come, when everyone except us would have benefited .
One day will come come, when we will think of starting over again. When we'll realize that all those lessons were for us and not for them anyway. 
In  the end the battle was ours. And while everyone fought their way and shone, we were still sitting in the borderline waiting for something that wasn't going to happen. 
We didn't know but one day will come when we will.

What I mean is, most often we forget, what we do is for us. what we say, is for us to follow first. It has become easy for us to share statuses n qoutes and sayings for the world to benefit. Question is, how much are we paying heed.

We learn so much. Isn't it time to think and act differently? ;)

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