Monday, May 25, 2015

My final 'single' departure from Malaysia iA

24th May 2014 6:45pm [I'm typing this on air]

Ya rabb...this is between you and me..and I truly know i don't deserve all this love. I cannot understand how people would love someone like me n make time for me. Not just make time for me but also make it special for me in every possible way. I know my reality.  N it doesn't deserve even a speck of this. I haven't earned anything.  But it is you ya Allah who put love in the hearts of those i love. It is You, ya alwudood...enveloping me with it. And i bow down in humility to You,  and thank You and beg of Your forgiveness for granting me without me asking,
and amidst all the love i received today, I seek the love of You ya AlWadood, the giver of All love that's sufficient.

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