Tuesday, June 9, 2015


You know when you’re at the most vulnerable state, and he endures you?
That’s when you know he loves you more than you’ll ever know.
You’ll never know why you’re loved that much. Even he won’t know.

That’s love.

It makes you happy like you’ve never been before.
Loved like you’ve never been loved before.

I never thought I’d write about it.
But this is what love does. It makes you do things you’ve never done before.

Because Love….evaded me. I was afraid to love.
But that’s the thing about it.. You don’t plan to fall in love. You just do.

I believe in true love. Didn’t the Prophet SAW and Khadidja RA/Aisha RA or all his wives love each other so much?
Didn’t Adam AS have Hawwa for being loved, to feel complete, to feel….satisfied with the imperfections of life…

To be loved when you’re at your best, is beautiful. And to be loved for your flaws, is incomprehensible...

To be in Love, is to feel complete.

Love; Let it find you.
And when you find love, you find yourself.

Stronger is the power of love, when two souls jointly grow fonder
of Him, Al Wadood, ‘who puts affection in their hearts’ (8:63)...

© Sameera Hameed

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