Sunday, June 7, 2015

The pigeon knocked my window this morning....Again.

That little bird has seriously taught me too many lessons. :D

Nobody will believe me, but these pigeons actually sit on my window sill and chirp loudly or knock on the window UNTIL I open and give it some food.. And me being the forgetful person I am, have to be reminded a million times. Either by my mother or by the knocks of these hungry little ones. 
The moment I put their food and close the windows, they fly back to my window sill and eat so quietly and hungrily!

I cannot believe that it’s a different bird everyday. How would they know this exaaaact window! I know they're my birds.

There’s that little one teaching me-

To knock on His door,continuously, consistently, humbly and without ever giving up. No matter what. I need to knock with the faith that I’ll be given and fly away, only to come back to see I’m given.
Every event in our lives has a reason behind its happening. And while we ‘fly further’, we will look back and know it was what ‘made’ us and ‘sustained’ us.  :)

Little did I know I’d derive so many lessons from these pigeons in my life! Even that is in itself a lesson- to be of any benefit to this world and all of His creation in any possible way, be it even teaching it a lesson just by being the best of ourselves.

Dua- Ya Mujeeb, use me to add value to this Ummah. Ameen :')

The middle one is a fighter :D

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